Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to sign a liability waiver?

Yes! EVERYONE participating must provide a valid Government photo ID at the time of the tour.  The waiver must be signed before arrival in order to expedite the check in process.  If you have not signed the wavier please arrive 15 minutes early so you can sign a digital copy before boarding the wagon.....We do not provide or accept paper copies.

How long is the tour and where will I be picked up?

The tour generally lasts about 2 hours. Pick up and drop off is at Frugal MacDoogal Liquor Store: 701 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203, USA.  It is one of the largest liquor stores in the South. This store not only carries everything from whiskey to water, it has snacks and most importantly a bathroom just in case nature calls before we depart. If you drive in, please be sure to get a parking pass from one of our wagon attendants which will need to be returned once we return.

 If you would like to be  dropped off on Broadway, Our drop off point on Broadway is, The Nashville Underground, which offers four different floors to explore with music & dancing, a mechanical bull, karaoke and  the highest and biggest double deck roof top, Let's not forget they have the coldest beer in Nashville at 29 degrees making Nashville's hometown brew, Music City Light Beer, a favorite everyday.  ( If you are dropped of downtown this will cut your tour by about 15 minutesbecause it takes 15 minutes to get back to Frugal Macdoogals to pick up the next group of guest).

Is alcohol allowed on the wagon?

Absolutely! BYOB, cans only. If you choose to bring liquor have it pre-made in a plastic bottle. We supply ice, cups, and coolers, DO NOT BRING A COOLER . NO GLASS BOTTLES OF ANY KIND. **GOVERNMENT PHOTO ID REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE OVER THE AGO OF 21**


We pick up and drop off in the parking lot of Frugal MacDoogal THE LARGEST LIQUOR STORE IN NASHVILLE!

How many people can fit on the wagon?

We can fit up to 25 individuals on the wagon. We are wheelchair accessible as well, as long as you let us know when you book.  No one is allowed to board after we're in route 

How can I book a private tour?

You can book online HERE. For private tours please contact us directly through  email or call us  at: 615-975-2488

Why book a private tour and not just have everyone buy an individual ticket?

When you buy a Individual ticket for a public tour,  you and your party will be riding with strangers. Also, if your party is larger than 12 people, it is less expensive to book a private tour.

Can I cancel a tour?

Unfortunately not.  Our tours are non-refundable because our tractor and wagon come from outside of Nashville, so once we are downtown our schedule can not be easily changed.


If it rains will my tour be ruined?

Nope, We are covered with a see through cover so you will not miss anything, the show will go on. We have a wagon cover that will keep you and your guests as dry as possible. If there is a chance of rain, make sure to dress accordingly. If the weather is extreme, we may cancel and provide your group with either a refund or a rain check. Rain or shine, Big Green Tractor Tours is ready to party!   *** NO PONCHOS AND POP UP TENTS ON OUR WAGONS***  your covered!

Do we sell alcohol?

No, It is against the law for us to provide or sell alcohol on the wagon. You can bring as much alcohol as you can carry, as long as it is in plastic containers or cans. Our bartender will have cups, ice, and coolers to keep your beverages cold.        

***No Smoking on the Wagon at any time***    **NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE WAGON**

Is there music on the wagon?

Of course! Our bartender doubles as a DJ and will keep our top of the line stereo bumping to keep you and your party dancing throughout the tour. IF YOU ARE ON A TOUR WITH OTHER RANDOM PEOPLE, PLEASE BE PATIENT, WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO PLAY ALL SONGS REQUESTED AS TIME ALLOWS.

Are children allowed on the wagon?

Yes!  We cater to everyone that wants to take the tour.  Only 21 and over are allowed to drink. 

What is not allowed on the tour?

Our #1 concern is GLASS BOTTLES. Other things that we do not allow are: removing clothing (Guys keep your shirts on), throwing things off the wagon, blow up dolls or body parts (Yes, they're popular here), or any damaging/vandalizing of either the tractor or the wagon. If our driver or bartender thinks someone is getting out of control, they will give one warning. If the problem persists they reserve the right to kick off the offender with no refund. We love to have a good time, but with great party comes great responsibility.  No Weapons of any kind allowed on the wagon.  *NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE WAGON*

                                                                          *NO Smoking Allowed on the Wagon*

Will the bartender/driver accept tips?

Absolutely! Tipping is encouraged as our workers are paid on gratuity only. Our drivers and bartenders do a great job, so lets take care of them. Gratuity can be added to your payment in advance if you would like to do it that way. 

What do I need to bring?

Please make sure everyone has a government issued ID with them. Food is NOT allowed.  You can bring your favorite beverage, Just no Glass Bottles.  We can not make stops at bars, the tour lasts around 2 hours, so you would not want to spend a lot of time waiting for food or drinks.

What should I wear?

Dress according to the weather. Here in Tennessee we have two seasons: blazing summer and freezing winter, so dress comfortably and bring plenty of sunscreen and water during the hotter months.

No.  Once the tour starts no one else is allowed to board the wagon, so make sure your whole party is at the designated pick up location on time. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early, just to be safe.

Is there a fee if someone gets sick on the wagon?

There is a $250 cleanup fee for any mess made on the wagon.




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